LSP: IFS and Non-IFS

June 30th, 2010


Since this LSP provides the Winsock client application a valid operating system (OS) handle, the particular LSP does not have to implement all the LSP functions, but merely the single one it demands – which in turn is usually a profit. Yet, the negative aspect is that an IFS LSP can’t intercept asynchronous procedures and overlapped operations, such as when WriteFile & ReadFile are utilized together with the IFS handle.


Due to the fact a Non-IFS LSPwill translate the IFS handles, it must then implement all of the LSP procedures. In the unfortunate event it does not do so, untranslated handles could then reach the operating system (OS) API and result in an error, mainly because the Operating-System is unaware of these kinds of synthetic handles.

A single particular gain of this LSP would be the capability to intercept each and every IFS function that makes use of this socket handle (for instance WriteFile/ReadFile). And another benefit may be the certain ability to collect these notifications from the asynchronous mechanisms.


Vista = LSP Enemy

June 28th, 2010

Vista has become the enemy of all LSP developers and created one tremendous headache!

Windows Vista presented two completely new “characteristics” to Winsock LSP which were intended to strengthen the consumer experience when the LSP was installed, but these components result in problems for LSP programmers.  So understanding how to deal with these mechanisms can easily save you beneficial time – because ignoring them means that your LSP will not work in varying situations.

The very first process that is used is to guard against defective WSPSelect. Microsoft determined that LSPs must notify the Operating System (OS) if they support layering over each of those protocols or not, if they do not the LSP will never receive WSPSelect calls. Basically if your LSP doesn’t need to intercept WSPSelect then it certainly is not a concern for you, but in the event that you do, then it is a great big issue.

And so what are the steps neccessary? To start with you need to layer over each of those providers. Then you must embed a code into WSPSelect..


Who Needs Free LSP Samples?

June 26th, 2010

Free LSP samples?  Who needs those, right?  I mean, it is so much more rewarding to spend hour after hour writing code that could just be gotten completely for free. has an entire library of free LSP samples just sitting on their site.  Who do they think they are fooling?  You do not even have to log in or sign up or anything – you just go to their site and click on LSP/LSP samples.  It is that easy.

Komodia is the same website that has the free LSP guide and free LSP resource page.

They have six non IFS LSP sample files, five IFS LSP sample files, and seven register LSP sample files.  You are going to have to view the page for yourself to see what I mean, but it truly is impressive.

Check it out for yourself.


Free LSP Guide

June 24th, 2010

I want to talk to you about a free LSP Guide that you can get at  The reason that I am bringing this all up right now is because Komodia has recently made an announcement that they are turning their free LSP guide into an ebook that they will begin selling soon.  So, I want you to go to Komodia and download this free guide now – while it is still free!

There is also a free LSP resource page that you can gain free access to – and although the information that I received did not state for sure – I believe that this free resource page will also be combined into their new LSP ebook.

The guide is very good, but in my honest opinion, the LSP resource page is definitely the kind of product that Komodia could be selling – and selling well.  There is information on everything from beginner questions to experienced coder questions – this is not the kind of product to be missed.


LSP Problems for Vista

June 22nd, 2010

Vista can be a huge problem for LSP.  There are many requests for LSP help involving Vista that it has even been awarded its very own category – Vista LSP Issues.  You will see this on message boards spanning the web.

It seems that a large quantity of these problems come from two little mistakes.  Some people install just the 32 bit DLLs and the 32 bit LSP or some will only install the 64 bit DLLs/LSP.  When you are running a 32 bit application on a 64 bit operating system, then you need to have the 32 bit versions of the DLLs and the LSP.  Also, when you are running 64 bit applications, you need the 64 bit versions as well.

Now I do realize that this is a huge over-simplification of the Vista and LSP problem, but it does come up so frequently that it deserves repeating.  I know that there are other problems involving LSP Vista also.  And those will need a lot more troubleshooting than this post will accomplish.


Winsock LSP Cost Effectiveness

June 20th, 2010

Many people are not aware of their real need to have a quality program that can do what Winsock LSP Software does.  The code is actually very difficult to create, and can take as much as 3 months, so it really is better to rely on software like Winsock LSP which can do the job for you. 

It can become extremely expensive to create and implement this kind of program.  If you truly want a properly working LSP software that isn’t going to slow down your system, get Winsock LSP.  You receive a quality product that comes with a guarantee. 

With this true software you will be able to perform so many things.  You will be able to automatically make your own IP anonymous and you can redirect a call to a different  website if you so choose.  Winsock LSP software is not expensive at all if you compare it to not having it.


64 Bit LSP

June 18th, 2010

64 bit operating systems are becoming more and more popular every day.  Therefore, your LSP needs to be 64 bit as well – otherwise you will not be able to install it on a 64 bit operating system.

You will need to install the 32 bit LSP first.  When you run a 32 bit application on a 64 bit operating system, that application is first going to load the 32 bit DLLs and the 32 bit LSP.

Now, when you run a 64 bit application on your 64 bit operating system, that application loads the 64 bit DLLs.  This obviously means that you will need to have the 64 bit LSP installed.

The operating system is going to keep both of the different LSP stacks:  32 bit LSP and 64 bit LSP.  You have to have an installer in both versions as well.  When you are installing, be sure to install the 32 bit LSP first.


Winsock LSP Communication

June 16th, 2010

How does Winsock LSP communication travel through the various interfaces?  How is this communication routed within the application?  Here is a brief explanation:

Layered Service Provider is the long way of just saying LSP.  A Winsock LSP can be used for several different reasons.  The technology is far from simple, but it may seem that way to a casual observer.

When communication is sent through a Winsock API, it passes through several gates and/or interfaces before it can reach the kernel.  The gates/layers are where code is inserted for the ability to monitor, reroute and/or change the original communication. 


Spam Blockers

June 14th, 2010

Every network that ever connects to the Internet is going to have a spam problem.  There is no way around it.  It really does not matter about your firewall or how current your network security is – spam does not see any of this at all.

Now Winsock LSP is known for building spam blockers and it can build some really good ones; and yet, the spam is still going to get through.  However, if you build your own spam blocker using Winsock LSP – a spam blocker that is targeted specifically towards your particular spam problem, then you will have the most effective spam solution available.

The only better way is to just disconnect your network from the Internet entirely.  Good luck with THAT idea!


Network Administers

June 12th, 2010

It is true that networks are alike in many general ways; however, when you get down to the heart of each network, they are all different in some way, shape, or form.  They all have admins and/or servers, but they are also run by a person.  There is a difference in each and every network – even ones that are administered by the same person or company.

That is the beauty of Winsock LSP.  Winsock LSP is designed with all of this in mind.  That is why it is such a great tool for you, the network administrator.

LSP allows you to run your network with greater efficiency.  Winsock LSP creates the individual programs that handle the more intricate and complex computer networking details.  This frees up your time for all the other things that need to be done.