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Vista = LSP Enemy

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Vista has become the enemy of all LSP developers and created one tremendous headache!

Windows Vista presented two completely new “characteristics” to Winsock LSP which were intended to strengthen the consumer experience when the LSP was installed, but these components result in problems for LSP programmers.  So understanding how to deal with these mechanisms can easily save you beneficial time – because ignoring them means that your LSP will not work in varying situations.

The very first process that is used is to guard against defective WSPSelect. Microsoft determined that LSPs must notify the Operating System (OS) if they support layering over each of those protocols or not, if they do not the LSP will never receive WSPSelect calls. Basically if your LSP doesn’t need to intercept WSPSelect then it certainly is not a concern for you, but in the event that you do, then it is a great big issue.

And so what are the steps neccessary? To start with you need to layer over each of those providers. Then you must embed a code into WSPSelect..