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Free LSP Guide

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

I want to talk to you about a free LSP Guide that you can get at  The reason that I am bringing this all up right now is because Komodia has recently made an announcement that they are turning their free LSP guide into an ebook that they will begin selling soon.  So, I want you to go to Komodia and download this free guide now – while it is still free!

There is also a free LSP resource page that you can gain free access to – and although the information that I received did not state for sure – I believe that this free resource page will also be combined into their new LSP ebook.

The guide is very good, but in my honest opinion, the LSP resource page is definitely the kind of product that Komodia could be selling – and selling well.  There is information on everything from beginner questions to experienced coder questions – this is not the kind of product to be missed.