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Winsock LSP Cost Effectiveness

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Many people are not aware of their real need to have a quality program that can do what Winsock LSP Software does.  The code is actually very difficult to create, and can take as much as 3 months, so it really is better to rely on software like Winsock LSP which can do the job for you. 

It can become extremely expensive to create and implement this kind of program.  If you truly want a properly working LSP software that isn’t going to slow down your system, get Winsock LSP.  You receive a quality product that comes with a guarantee. 

With this true software you will be able to perform so many things.  You will be able to automatically make your own IP anonymous and you can redirect a call to a different  website if you so choose.  Winsock LSP software is not expensive at all if you compare it to not having it.


Winsock LSP Communication

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

How does Winsock LSP communication travel through the various interfaces?  How is this communication routed within the application?  Here is a brief explanation:

Layered Service Provider is the long way of just saying LSP.  A Winsock LSP can be used for several different reasons.  The technology is far from simple, but it may seem that way to a casual observer.

When communication is sent through a Winsock API, it passes through several gates and/or interfaces before it can reach the kernel.  The gates/layers are where code is inserted for the ability to monitor, reroute and/or change the original communication. 


Spam Blockers

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Every network that ever connects to the Internet is going to have a spam problem.  There is no way around it.  It really does not matter about your firewall or how current your network security is – spam does not see any of this at all.

Now Winsock LSP is known for building spam blockers and it can build some really good ones; and yet, the spam is still going to get through.  However, if you build your own spam blocker using Winsock LSP – a spam blocker that is targeted specifically towards your particular spam problem, then you will have the most effective spam solution available.

The only better way is to just disconnect your network from the Internet entirely.  Good luck with THAT idea!


Network Administers

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

It is true that networks are alike in many general ways; however, when you get down to the heart of each network, they are all different in some way, shape, or form.  They all have admins and/or servers, but they are also run by a person.  There is a difference in each and every network – even ones that are administered by the same person or company.

That is the beauty of Winsock LSP.  Winsock LSP is designed with all of this in mind.  That is why it is such a great tool for you, the network administrator.

LSP allows you to run your network with greater efficiency.  Winsock LSP creates the individual programs that handle the more intricate and complex computer networking details.  This frees up your time for all the other things that need to be done.


The Good and Bad of Winsock LSP

Friday, June 4th, 2010


Your security is enhanced by Winsock LSP as it disables malicious network commands.  Also  URL content sniffers, Quality of Service, stream-based,  stream based network sniffers, and data logging, is all possible with LSP. 


Unscrupulous individuals can use LSP too.  Adware and/or spyware programs using LSP can intercept private Internet communication.  Stolen information can be stolen and collected by Hackers.  They can also steal financial information and SPAM authors use LSP to collect data for their SPAM campaigns. 

Without malice though, you can still have LSP problems.  Your Winsock catalog and your Windows registry can be damaged by improperly installed LSP programs or even LSP programs that do not register correctly. 


A Very Brief Introduction to Winsock LSP

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Windows Socket Layered Service Provider (or Winsock LSP) is included in the Service Provider Interface.  One of the least understood aspects of Winsock2, the Service Provider Interface can be greatly confusing.  There is just not a lot of good information regarding Winsock LSP on the Internet.

When a program uses LSP, it will use both the Winsock API and the Windows DLL file to place itself within a host computer’s communication stream.  Once there, it will have the ability to modify and intercept all of the network communication coming to and from the computer.

There are clearly many far reaching uses for this type of software.  (The Winsock LSP works only within a Microsoft operating system.)  Unfortunately, not every use will be correct – there is just as much room for mis-use as there is for use.