A Very Brief Introduction to Winsock LSP

Windows Socket Layered Service Provider (or Winsock LSP) is included in the Service Provider Interface.  One of the least understood aspects of Winsock2, the Service Provider Interface can be greatly confusing.  There is just not a lot of good information regarding Winsock LSP on the Internet.

When a program uses LSP, it will use both the Winsock API and the Windows DLL file to place itself within a host computer’s communication stream.  Once there, it will have the ability to modify and intercept all of the network communication coming to and from the computer.

There are clearly many far reaching uses for this type of software.  (The Winsock LSP works only within a Microsoft operating system.)  Unfortunately, not every use will be correct – there is just as much room for mis-use as there is for use.


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