Who Needs Free LSP Samples?

Free LSP samples?  Who needs those, right?  I mean, it is so much more rewarding to spend hour after hour writing code that could just be gotten completely for free.

Komodia.com has an entire library of free LSP samples just sitting on their site.  Who do they think they are fooling?  You do not even have to log in or sign up or anything – you just go to their site and click on LSP/LSP samples.  It is that easy.

Komodia is the same website that has the free LSP guide and free LSP resource page.

They have six non IFS LSP sample files, five IFS LSP sample files, and seven register LSP sample files.  You are going to have to view the page for yourself to see what I mean, but it truly is impressive.

Check it out for yourself.


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